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Hi! I'm Martin - Software Engineer and Consultant


Applications need a stable ground to function and grow. This ground is provided best, if it operations and development work hand in hand for better results. I can show you how!

Software Development

After 10 years in the industry I've already worked in almost every environment and ecosystem and I'm known for getting my head into new stuff quite quickly. I'm familiar with SOLID design principles and state of the art design patterns as long a alot of languages for various purposes.


You need someone to analyse your complex web application and someone who can transport the needs of development to management? You definitely found him.

Latest Activities

Sending and receiving binary in Javascipt

Binary protocols are evolving more and more. Thrift and Protocol Buffers are just some examples. In the browser it is possible now, to easily send and receive binary data via XmlHttpRequest - see a simple introduction here.
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Slides for RX Presentation

I held a presentation on the Reactive Extensions on 27th of November at the Silpion Know-How Camp in Hamburg. Here you can find a link to the presentation. If you are looking for a solution on handling humongous amounts of events you should consider having a look at the presentation.

Slides here...

OPC-UA for the Browser!

For a resent project I stumbled over OPC-UA. A machine-2-machine protocol designed for the industrial internet of things. I had the pleasure to develop a client in Javascript for this protocol, which brought me closer to metal. The closest you can get with javascript. I held a presentation on this topic on 17.November at the Javascript Usergroup in Hamburg. Please find some slides.

Slides here...

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Contact Information

Martin Baum
Obermarktstr. 11
32423 Minden, Germany
Tel.: +49 1754546022
skype: martin_baum